Career Development

Career Development

Furi Group builds a “management+major” double-way career development channels for its staff to make sure the right person is on the right position and give full play to one’s subjective activity to help staff achieve development in Furi. The management channel and major channel are connected with each other for each staff to change from one channel to another according to the enterprise’s demand, personal character and interests. Staff can achieve their personal and enterprise goals through this double-way channel. Take college student as an example:College Students’ Career Development Roadmap

College Students' Career Development Roadmap:

College Students' Career Development Roadmap

Double-way Career Development:

Double-way Career Development

Through longitudinal post promotion and horizontal post alternation, the staff is provided with double career development channels to mitigate Official Standard thinking and strengthen the promotion of professional abilities.

Mentor program is established for college students where excellent director or manager can share their successful experience and provide life and career instructions for college students. The work shift internship in different department or subsidiaries provides college student with more comprehensive work experience. The internal recruitment system recruits internal staff every year and provides many job promotions to play staff’s potential to the utmost.