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Cotton spinning plant specializes in the production of high quality yarn made of pure cotton, such as combed cotton, rotor spinning , compact spinning, siro spinning, bunchy yarn and plied yarn, yarn quality up to 5%~25% of the level of Uster Statistics 2007. The plant has the equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Italy, including blowing-carding, drawing frame, combing machine, automatic winder, rotor spinning and two-for-one twister and auxiliary facilities including roving and spinning unit, long-machine integrated doffer, central control refrigeration air conditioner and data network central system, and has the advantages of high degree of automatic work process, less amount of labor, excellent resultant yarn and environment, product quality higher than that of others engaging in the same industry.

Towel plant mainly engages in the production of middle and high quality towel, bath towel and toweling blanket, with the production capacity ranking first in the world. It has the world-leading weaving device from Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, such as air jet loom and rapier loom, multiple sets of advanced dyeing machine, extra-width breadth loom post-treatment spindle, high-speed stamp production line, and complete set of advanced production line including beaming, slashing and post-treatment. With its automatic and scientific production process and stable production quality, the plant is able to satisfy the demands of all kinds of middle and high quality textile and various technologies.

The bedding plant has more than 40 high quality weaving machines including German Dornier pneumatic-rapier jacquard machine and Belgian Picanol pneumatic dobby pneumatic-rapier jacquard machine, equipped with world-leading spinning and dyeing production line such as German Monforts spindle dyeing and Austrian Zimmer rotary screen printing, and post-treatment packing production line, mainly manufacturing middle and high quality products, with annual output of finished products of more than 200, which are best received by customers all over the world.

The decorative textile plant has the world-class technical equipment including German Dornier high-speed rapier loom and Taiwan Dongwu overflow dyeing machine, mainly manufacturing decorative fabric such as decorative cloth, functional fabric, tablecloth and napkin, widely used in hotel, restaurant, automobile and household decoration, with annual output of 15 million meters. The products are sold to Europe and America and Taiwan and well received by customers at home and abroad.

The technology center has a building area of more than 8,000 m2 and over 300 testing and experimental apparatus and devices, equipped with international advanced devices such as Datacolor computer color matching system, automatic proportioning titration system and Agilen color and gaseous phase mass spectrometer as well as the most comprehensive testing base and testing center. It also has the detection capability for more than 40 programs including ISO European standard, AATCC American standard, JIS Japanese standard and Chinese standard, and the results are recognized by international customers, which provides a solid guarantee for R & D of new product and new technology. The center was ranked first in the national textile industry and appointed as the national technology center in 2010.

The technology center has complex laboratory and chemical laboratory, allowing it to conduct different experiment of standards such as Chinese standard, ISO, AATCC and ASTM, including more than 80 programs such as formaldehyde content, dissoluble aromatic amine, extractable heavy metal, flame retardant property and cosmetic test of fabric, loop strength and fastness. The technology center laboratory was certified by the international laboratory of the world-renowned enterprise Decathlon in 2009, and was approved and reviewed by the national laboratory in 2010.

The company has established a scientific and effective security system of modern warehouse logistics and it now has three large automatic stereoscopic warehouses. The domestic trade warehouse is equipped with the intelligent sorting center, providing service for the construction of domestic brand exclusively. The logistics distribution center has the comprehensive advantages of automated storage, standardized packing, mechanized loading and unloading and informationized network management, which improve logistics efficiency and shorten the length of delivery, and provide an important guarantee for the market of home textile and the operation of brand.