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Sunvim Group 2015 Professional Skill Competition came to a successful end

2015-11-14 10:26:48

On the afternoon of November 11, the Sunvim Group 2015 Professional Skill Competition Summary and Commendation Meeting was solemnly held in Employee Club of the group. The Vice-chairman of Gaomi Trade Union Yan Zhengbao, Vice-director of Gaomi Human Resource and Social Security Bureau Li Zongbin, Vice-president of Weifang Technicians College Gaomi Branch Huang Yongtang and group leaders attended the meeting and presented awards to the winners. Over 900 representatives of employees and contesters were also present at the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the Deputy Party Secretary of the group Qi Zongzhong, and the Party Secretary and General Manager Sun Yong made speeches at the meeting. 

The competition is a large-scale professional skill competition held for six consecutive years. Different from previous sessions, this competition was changed from concentrated competition into disperse competition for the first time with more extensive coverage, longer duration and more contesters. During the four and a half months from June 10 to October 24, competitions of ten categories including traditional type of work such as two-for-one twisting workers, towel knitters and newly increased type of work such as roving maintenance and bedding printers were held, and 392 contesters from each home textile company took part in the competition. 

Picture 1: General Manager Sun Yong presented awards to winners 

This competition randomly selected and recommended 189 workers including two-for-one twisting workers, towel knitters, towel seamers and computer embroiderers, accounting for 76.5% of the total contesters, which motivated the enthusiasm of all the employees and won high reputation among each company. The cotton spinning company actively organized the training for all the employees according to the implementation program, and intensified the training for contesters, which obviously improved the two-for-one twisting, for instance, the connecting speed of the top ten contesters in 2011 was 76.10s and the doffing speed was 58.34s, while the top ten contesters this year was 8.23s faster in connecting and 3.42s faster in doffing. Male employees had outstanding performance. Wang Lifeng won the second prize in the competition of recommended top talents, and Li Xiaobao won the first prize in the competition of randomly selected workers and made a speech at the meeting as a representative of winners. The score of top ten randomly selected contesters of computer embroiderers of imported machine was 1.30 piece/min, which was much higher than the score of recommended contesters 1.00 piece/min. The average quality indicator of towel seamers reached 91.9% with an increase of 4.1%, setting a new record. 

Picture 2: Competition winners accepted awards on the stage

General Manager Sun Yong recognized this professional skill competition with novel forms and bright spots in his speech. He said that the professional skill competition has become an important platform for the group to cultivate skilled talents, improve employees’ quality and promote the technological progress in terms of organization scale, standardization level and contesters’ performance, playing an important role in motivating the enthusiasm of all the leaders and employees. He required that the group shall expedite the establishment and improvement of transformation and sharing mechanism of competition achievements, organize the competition winners to provide guidance for each company, open experience exchange meetings, and formulate operation methods, in order to rapidly popularize the advanced operation experience among employees, promote the standard operation, and enhance the technological progress of the enterprise.

General Manager Sun Yong pointed out a group of talents with superb skills are needed for the enterprise to enhance the independent innovation capability and guarantee the good quality of products. The group shall further strengthen the training for skilled talents, make innovation in training mode, intensify the pertinence of training, create the platform for talent discovery and cultivation, form the good atmosphere with respect for skills and innovation, and stimulate the enthusiasm of all the employees to practice skills, in order to provide strong talent guarantee for sustainable and healthy development of the group. He said that the emphasis of the stock system reform was to develop outstanding talents with skills and leadership into shareholders, and enable more grassroots employees to enjoy the achievements of the enterprise reform and development. Each company shall integrate the stock system reform with talent motivation and cultivation, fully motivate the enthusiasm of skilled talents, develop the potential of employees, continuously enhance the level of talent team building, strive to create better performance, and enable employees to enjoy more development achievements. 

General Manager Sun Yong required that the subsequent professional skill competition shall further make explorations and innovations in the form of skill competition. He said that the skill competition shall make bold breakthroughs and innovations in response to the actual enterprise development and skill demands of employees, and continuously trigger new vigor and energy under new situations. Each company shall actively learn from the form and method of skill competition, and carry out various forms of competitions and special tackling activities in an independent and flexible manner according to actual demands and characteristics such as production and operation, product structure and technical equipment, and attempt competitions for important types of work with great organization difficulty that haven’t been listed in the competition item such as dyeing and printing. Under mature conditions, different companies can cooperate to hold competitions of relevant items, continuously expand the coverage of competition, and enhance the effectiveness of competitions. 

General Manager Sun Yong pointed out in the speech that, under the severe and complicated economic situation, the group maintained good momentum in the major economic indicator and achieved the best economic benefits ever since the establishment from January to October, which shall be attributed to the effective reform measures and active endeavor of leaders and employees. In future, the group shall continue with the team building of skilled talents, cultivate the skilled talent team with reasonable structure, superb skills, inheritance and innovation suitable to the group development, and make greater contributions to the sustainable development, transformation and upgrading of the group.