Brand Activities

Brand Activities

“Jieyu” brand held 2014 Marketing Summit

2014-03-31 08:59:40

On March 7, 2014 Marketing Summit of the leading brand in domestic towel industry “Jieyu” was solemnly held in the City of Brands Qingdao, which was attended by nearly 400 dealers all over the country. With the theme of “Cohesion and Gallop”, the meeting aimed to demonstrate the decision of the enterprise to realize development jointly with the dealer in the new year.

As one of the dominant brands subordinate to Sunvim Group, “Jieyu” brand is the earliest towel brand of the group with a long history and good quality. Over years, “Jieyu” brand has become the leading brand in the domestic towel market through continuous brand operation, and maintained good development momentum in the international markets, especially the Russian market. Currently, it has become the mainstream brand in Russia with a high influence and reputation.

Since 2013, “Jieyu” brand has outstanding achievements in the brand building and market expansion. It smoothly passed the certification of “Famous Trademark of China” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, carried out close cooperation with the publishing company of the cartoon named Boonies Bears, frequently broadcast the new ad in CCTV and some important satellite televisions, successfully released the “Jieyu Home Textile” product series and realized outstanding achievements, etc.

The highlight in the new product promotion was the design and R&D of animation products. On the basis of the continuation of the cartoon effect of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, “Jieyu” Brand elaborately developed and designed seven towel products of Boonies Bears by making use of the exclusive official authorization of the popular animation film in domestic market. The series of products are made from pure cotton with the exquisite technique, following the consistent healthy and environmental-friendly design concept. They are bright in color, soft in feeling and fast in color. It is proved by testing that all the indexes such as the moisture absorption, air permeability and safety are excellent. The goods immediately received great attention and unanimous recognition from the attendees.

The launch of “Jieyu Home Textile” product series was the focus of the summit. In 2013, “Jieyu Home Textile”successfully realized the extension of brand value on the basis of the continuous increase in the market share of towel products, and smoothly extended the brand value. At the summit, Jieyu Home Textile launched six series 60 types of spring and summer new arrivals, and the rich product series and choices provided more resources for the future marketing layout. In addition, the “Excellent Essence Source” launched at the meeting, won the popularity among dealers, with its Japanese design style, excellent quality, elegant pattern and design concept of “from the nature, originate from Japan”.

It is reported that the summit attracted the attention of many media such as Sohu, Sina, China Home Textile, Texindex, China Textile News, Peninsula Metropolis Daily, Weifang TV and Gaomi TV, etc.