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Company News

Sun Rigui, president of SUNVIM, was first on the list of “Philanthropists of Weifang”

2014-12-15 15:48:36

On the afternoon of December 3, the first award-giving meeting of “Philanthropist of Weifang” was held in the convention center of Fuhua Hotel. Xie Yutang, president of charity federation of Shandong Province and former vice-governor, Hu Gang, party secretary of the standing committee in Weifang, first deputy director and the president of municipal charity federation as well as Xia Fangchen, vice mayor of Weifang attended the meeting. In this session, it selected ten philanthropists of Weifang in the selection. Because of many outstanding contributions to charity, such as making effort to school construction, earthquake relief work, helping those in danger and relieving those in need, the president of SUNVIM, Sun Rigui was on the list, too. He was the first one to go to the stage and receive the certificate of honor from Xie Yutang.

The reviewing committee of Weifang Charity Federation chose 30 candidates of “Philanthropists of Weifang” first. Then, it determined 10 persons after social voting and comprehensive examination. It is reported that, the appraisal activity of "Philanthropist in Weifang" aims to praise individuals who make outstanding contribution to public charity fields, such as disaster relief, education and medicare and helping the poor, the old, the disabled and orphans. In this way, it further carries forward the good behavior of helping the pool, offering compassion and repaying the society and arouses citizens’ enthusiasm to be benevolent.

On the site of award-giving ceremony, SUNVIM also subscribed “fixed sponsor charitable projects”. It will donate medical equipment which worth RMB 1.25 million to the People's Hospital of Gaomi.