Brand Activities

Brand Activities

“Jieyu Healthy Home” Wechat

2014-05-20 09:01:12

Recently, Jieyu Brands launched the official Wechat and Microblog, and established the efficient interactive platform between the brand and consumers.

The official Wechat and Microblog are named “Jieyu Healthy Home”, consistently conveying the healthy image of the brand. The platform can be focused upon by searching for “Jieyu Healthy Home” or scanning the two-dimension code. The platform will release the information about the enterprise image, brand activities, practical information and trends of image ambassador, so as to establish the huge fan group, form the “self-media” of Jieyu and provide strong driving force for the brand image building and marketing.

It is understood that “Jieyu Healthy Home” will launch activities with awards to develop a great many fans. For instance, the “awards for fans” currently carried out issued gifts to every 20th fan within 5,000 fans.