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Headline in Dazhong Daily: Why is Amazon interested in Sunvim?

2015-08-10 15:58:16

On August 6, Dazhong Daily reported the new fashion of transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Gaomi represented by Sunvim Group based on the benchmark of Fortune Global 500 in the headline of the 26381 Issue of Dazhong Daily entitled “Why is Amazon interested in Sunvim”. The original text was extracted as follows:

“We shall persist in the high premium of independent brands of Sunvim. Amazon wants to force down the price, but they are aware that Sunvim is the best high-grade towel supplier in the world. It was the same when we cooperated with Wal-Mart three years ago. Compared with the same products in domestic market, our gross profit rate increased by 30%.” On the afternoon of August 3, the Deputy General Manager of Sunvim Group No.3 Home Textile Company Wang Qijun said when he replied to Amazon.

In the 90s of last century, Sunvim Group began to export products, and currently it has established long-term cooperation with world-famous apparel and household article retailers such as Wal-Mart, Decathlon and IKEA. Since the beginning of year, the Home Textile Purchasing Manager of Amazon John Engh and his five-member team visited Gaomi for several times, hoping that Sunvim Group can join their international e-commerce circle. Why is Amazon, as the online retailer with the most variety of commodities, interested in Sunvim? John Engh thought that it was the charisma of brand: “As is known to all, Sunvim is the largest home textile manufacturer in the world, and the only franchised dealer of home textile products in Beijing Olympics. It is so great!”

“The retailer like Amazon will generally ask the supplier to be an original equipment manufacture, but it finally agreed that we can adopt the independent brand, which was of great significance in the global promotion of Sunvim brand. Only the powerful brand can win the say in the market and contribute to higher premium.” The Board Chairman of Sunvim Group Sun Rigui told the journalist that Sunvim could realize several benefits through the deal with Amazon. “Via their international e-commerce platform, our products can be directly distributed to European and American consumers over the Internet, which will greatly reduce the period and cost of brand promotion, and increase the price of Sunvim products by 5%-8% in the international market.”

The Municipal Party Secretary of Gaomi City Fan Fusheng thought highly of the demonstration and leading role of Sunvim Group as the leading enterprise in the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry of the city. It not only continuously expanded the international market, but also directly led over 80 supporting enterprises such as Xinglong Towel, Tianfu Home Textile and Sanchang Hongye Towel to realize rapid development, and increased the large-scale home textile enterprises to 37 in the city. The textile and apparel industry in Gaomi soared from January to June this year in defiance of the severe situation of the overall depression in domestic and foreign market, realizing an output value of RMB 32.88 billion with an increase of 10.5%, and the main business income of RMB 33.27 billion with a growth of 8.8%. Fan Fusheng told the journalist that, “Under the higher pressure of economic downturn, it is more necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading, and make the enterprise stronger and larger. Therefore, we encourage the leading enterprises to actively absorb small and medium enterprises for cooperation in the industrial chain, realize the development from the opening-up of a single enterprise to the opening-up of the whole industry, and from the transformation and upgrading of a single enterprise to the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, further expand the opening-up in terms of larger scope, wider field and higher level, build Gaomi into a pioneer area of opening-up in Weifang, experimental area of promotion of transformation with opening-up, and new highland of scientific development.