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Brand Activities

Sunvim Group Holds the Signing Ceremony on the 2015-2017 Operation Plan

2015-01-05 09:29:28

The Signing Ceremony on the 2015-2017 Operation Plan of the Sunvim Group was held in the Delinju multi-functional hall of Jinxiu Huayuan Residence Community on December 27, 2014. The mid-level and high-level managerial personnel of the Sunvim Group attended the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, President Sun Rigui of the Group signed the operation plan which includes the business indicators and incentive methods with the main responsible person in the operation respectively and then delivered an important speech. Qi Zongzhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, presided over the signing ceremony.

President Sun first awarded the "2014 Special Contribution Award" to Zhang Guohua, General Manger of the Thermal Power Company, commending the outstanding achievements made by the Thermal Power Company in 2014. After that, the main responsible person in the operation signed the new operation plan with President Sun respectively. 

After the signing of the operation plan, President Sun gave an important speech. He pointed out that the Group innovated the thoughts, sped up the reform, expanded the market and improved the internal management to make the enterprise maintain the sustainable and sound development in 2014 under the situation of encountering the severe challenges such as the reduction of the cotton quota, the rising of the human cost and the low demand of the market. He demanded that all the companies should seize every minute with a sense of urgency to develop the domestic and international market, conduct the quality management and the equipment management, reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, promote research and development of the products, carry out the training of the staff and perform other specific tasks, so as to speed up the implementation progress and ensure the smooth implementation of the operation plan. He also required that all the companies should speed up the transformation of the functions, shift the power to the grassroots, improve the management capability, further optimize the organizational structure, simplify the business processes, reduce the management levels, improve the management efficiency, meet the market demands in a fast manner and enhance the management quality and economic benefits significantly, so as to make the staff really enjoy the benefits obtained in the sustainable development of the enterprises. He pointed out that all management personnel should make innovation, bear the responsibility courageously, be a man of integrity and incorruptibility, take the development of the enterprises as the thing of paramount importance and perform new tasks earnestly in the new mechanism in order to create a new situation during the reform and development of the Group. He emphasized that 2015 was the beginning year for the deep reform of the group and the starting year for the implementation of the new three-year operation plan. Therefore, the Group should face the challenges positively, cope with it actively, innovate the ideas, and accelerate the development, ensuring that the Group could achieve more excellent operating performance.